When a shoe is loved by Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora and the Spice Girls you can't really go wrong when buying a pair. Luckily for you, the latest brand to drop at Footasylum can claim that title.

One of the newest and hottest brands to land at Footasylum Women's, Buffalo's boots, are guaranteed to help you reach new heights, whether that's literally reaching higher thanks to their huge platform or achieving more in life due to the girl power they radiate with each stomp.

Founded in 1979, Buffalo Boots originally designed and manufactured cowboy boots- the most fashionable silhouette for teens in the 70s.

After finding success in the wild west, the brand developed its first sports shoe leading to the brand selling their footwear across the world.

In 1995 Buffalo created and developed a highly innovative sports shoe line with platform soles which became a symbol of the 1990s. Worn by icons like the Spice Girls, Madonna and N'Sync there was no escaping the platform boot in the 90s and now it's back.

Their reincarnation of their iconic platform trainers are any 90s kids' dream with chunky platform soles and statement colourways Buffalo trainers are bringing back the 90s.

Not just a festival shoe, Buffalo boots are the perfect power shoe for your weekly shop, daily commute or morning meeting, get to grips with the basics like the Colby and Corin silhouette or show the world who is boss with their statement colourways.

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