While we believe in celebrating women every day, today is International Women's Day. IWD is a day to celebrate women's achievements and the progress women have made in all aspects of society.

This International Women's Day we want to give a shoutout to the female content creators out there. From true crime stories to pregnancy diaries the females of YouTube have everything covered.

Nella Rose

Some of you may recognise Nella Rose from our Think Twice and ChefAsylum series but our girl Nella Rose has over 60 million views on her channel and 503k subscribers. Focusing on fashion combined with lifestyle vlogging Nella is killing it.

Nush Cope

After finding out she was pregnant early last year TV presenter, host and podcaster Nush Cope created a YouTube channel and negativity free safe space to talk about pregnancy and motherhood. From being pregnant during a global pandemic to mental health and pregnancy, Nush covers it all.

Bambino Becky

Best known for quizzing fellow YouTubers with strong questions and even stronger drinks, Bambino Becky's YouTube channel is the perfect place to go for a laugh. Becky joined YouTube in 2013 with her first video suitably named That First Blog and has now had over 22 million views on her channel.

Mariam Musa

If you love all things makeup, fashion and lifestyle then Mariam Musa's YouTube channel is all you need. Featuring full lace wig tutorials, skincare secrets and holidays (remember them), Mariam is bossing the YouTube game. She also appears in our Guess It YouTube series alongside Nella.

Eleanor Neale

We all love a bit of true crime and Eleanor is the OG of true crime YouTube. With over 193 million views on her channel (yeah that's right) Eleanor is one of the ultimate female YouTubers. The perfect binge-watch channel if you've already completed Netflix.

Eloise Mitchell

Another face you might recognise from our Locked In series, Eloise Mitchell shares glimpses into her everyday life and wardrobe on YouTube. She's kept her 225k subscribers entertained over lockdown with clothing hauls and tell-alls on her experience in the Locked In house.


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