The Lacoste Legend

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum

Lacoste is a label that has become something of a legend after over 75 years of wowing the fashion world.

Lacoste is the sought after fashion label that has revolutionized men's fashion ever since it was launched in 1933. When you look at some of the facts and figures around the Lacoste brand, it makes for remarkable reading: Lacoste sold an incredible 58 million items in 2007 – that equates to two Lacoste items being sold every second. And it seems Lacoste is a brand that will outlive any credit crunch with a wholesale turnover of 1,557 billion euros.

The Family Brand

The Lacoste brand has stayed close to its original integrity, thanks to the fact Lacoste is still owned by the Lacoste family (they have a 65% share), with Michel Lacoste Chairman of the Board. The fact it's a family owned company has ensured the brand has retained values that could otherwise have been lost in a sea of franchises. As it stands, Lacoste is sold in 112 countries across the world, with thousands of Lacoste boutiques, retail outlets and online stores selling the Lacoste brand.

Lacoste Polo Shirt Transforms Fashion

Rene Lacoste transformed men's fashion when he introduced the classic Lacoste polo shirt to the world over 75 years ago. The shirt was designed for the tennis court, replacing the uncomfortable starched shirts. It combined comfort and ease of movement with an effortless style and elegance. From that groundbreaking Lacoste polo shirt, the fashion house has developed collections for men, women and children, incorporating glasses, belts, home textiles, footwear and perfume.

Lacoste Tenacity for Tennis: The Crocodile Logo

Lacoste is instantly recognisable thanks to its crocodile logo, which dates back to 1927. Crocodile was a nickname Rene Lacoste acquired after making a bet with a fellow sportsmen about a suitcase made from alligator skin. Lacoste recalled: “He promised to buy it for me if I won a very important match for our team. The public must have been fond of this nickname which conveyed the tenacity I displayed on the tennis courts, never letting go of my prey!” Lacoste's tenacity paid off, both on and off the court, his Lacoste polo shirt which he designed himself, was the first item of clothing to feature a brand on the outside of the clothing (rather than tucked away on an inside label). As one of the most successful brands, Lacoste has maintained its sporting mentality, setting up the Crocodile Heart foundation dedicated to helping young people all over the world pursue their passion for sport.

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