Putting a Spring in your step with Adidas Trainers

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum

Obviously, Adidas are not one for resting on their laurels and offer new incarnations of their footwear year round but this spring and summer are set to be big for Adidas trainers. There are many exciting Adidas footwear offerings to look forward to.
Few providers of fashionable footwear and trainers can match the sheer wealth of options on offer from Adidas. Obviously, as one of the world’s biggest brands, they have the resources to create some spectacular Adidas trainers to the delight of their legions of fans. 2009 will be another great year for followers of Adidas footwear because this spring and summer will see some brilliant trainers being added to their already extensive stable of high street and sporting footwear. Adidas trainers are nothing if not diverse and there really is a pair out there to suit all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a retro pair of trainers which tip a knowing nod to the origins of Adidas or a more contemporary looking pair of trainers, you will be sure to find a solution with the upcoming collection of Adidas trainers this spring and summer.
Adidas Footwear – Hit Parade
Adidas seldom hit a bum note when it comes to their trainer releases and this is something which has solidified their position as one of the world’s leading footwear and clothing brands. Just a snapshot of some of the Adidas trainers which are likely to be big this spring and summer include:
  • Americana Low Lux – This excellent Adidas trainer is a re-release of a basketball classic and is a great look for the spring and summer here in the UK. The trainer features gold lurex embedded laces and stems from the Adidas Originals stable.
  • Superstar Vintage – A cracking pair of Adidas trainers that really do look the part on the high street. Many Adidas footwear fans will be snapping up a pair of Superstar Vintage in 2009 and with little wonder when you consider the eye-catching design.
  • Italia 1960 – A dash of retro Italian style infuses these first class Adidas trainers and their simplistic design and comfortable fit makes them a perfect choice for those looking for a new pair of Adidas trainers this spring and summer.
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