Lacoste Unveil Autumn - Winter Collection of Trainers for 2009

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum

It is fair to say that the Lacoste footwear collection is one of the most eagerly anticipated and the French fashion label recently unveiled their autumn/winter Lacoste trainers collection to the public and it certainly didn't disappoint fans of Lacoste footwear.

Lacoste trainers are invariably amongst the most innovative and eye-catching on the market and judging by what they have in store for the autumn-winter collection in 2009, there is little sign of this changing any time soon. Lacoste footwear tends to play by its own rules and there are some exceptional forms of the footwear already available on the market and they will be significantly enhanced by the new autumn/winter collection which really showcases with Lacoste trainers are all about. It is apparent that the Lacoste trainers about to be unleashed on the eager footwear fans are going to be immensely well received and they have attempted to turn things on their heads so far as the designs are concerned to really shake up what Lacoste footwear is all about.

Lacoste Trainers – Looking at what's in store

According to a report in RWD Mag, the latest release of Lacoste footwear will include new varieties such as the Lacoste Stealth and Croc Myths editions which are already beginning to cause a stir amongst fans of the Lacoste brand of clothing and footwear. The key feature which really stands out with the Lacoste collection for autumn/winter 2009 is how futuristic the designs themselves are and this is something which will appeal to footwear fans who are growing weary of conventional trainers which offer little innovation or design flair. Just a few of the Lacoste trainers which are set to wow followers of the seminal fashion brand over the coming months include:

  • Lacoste Carnaby Fade 2 – Part of the Lacoste Stealth footwear range, the Carnaby Fade 2 is eye catching to say the least as they boast fading colour gradients that really will make these Lacoste trainers stand out from the crowd on the high street.
  • Lacoste Imatra Paris – Another phenomenally designed offering from the Lacoste footwear stable and one which looks as though it will bowl over fans of the famous Crocodile emblazoned company. The Lacoste Imatra Paris trainers boast a woven style finish and come in a number of bold colours for those footwear followers who are looking to make a statement with their choice of trainers.
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