Lacoste Snaps Back

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste is snapping back as the designer brand flourishes with its retro appeal.

Lacoste is the first designer to have begun what is now routine for major fashion houses – to patent a logo. Rene Lacoste patented the now famous Lacoste alligator in 1933. Like a handful of founders of designer sportswear labels that have become global phenomenons – including Nike – Lacoste was himself a sportsman (tennis). And like many designer labels that have been around for decades, Lacoste is facing something of a retro revival.

Lacoste – The Long Distance Runner
The Lacoste brand was, and is still known, for introducing polo sports shirts into sportswear, with of course the famous alligator logo to distinguish its designer quality. Now, like all sportswear brands, Lacoste has expanded to embrace and chase new markets. Lacoste not only produces premium clothing lines, but sells designer accessories, sport, overnight and weekend bags, and even household goods, but perhaps the power of the label still lies in its sporting roots.

Lacoste Has Retro-Appeal
The retro appeal of Lacoste is its strength. Fashion logos and trends of yesteryear always end up coming back in vogue as the cyclical wheels of fashion keep turning. And in today's mass retail market, having a designer label like Lacoste offers fashion lovers a way to stand out from the crowd and give a knowing, tongue-in-cheek nod to the fashion industry. This might explain why a new generation of Lacoste lovers is being photographed for the fashion trade. Movie star Hayden Christensen is the latest LA trend-setter to be spotted wearing a Lacoste baseball cap adorned with the famous alligator, and a Lacoste polo shirt. The film star has featured in a Lacoste advertising campaign.

New Designer Gives Lacoste a Resurgence
As well as its retro-charm, Lacoste is also forging forwards with the designer Christophe Lemaire, who has been credited with creating a resurgence in the Lacoste brand. The French designer revealed his innovations at New York Fashion Week, including a super-chic tracksuit, with knitted jersey tracksuit bottoms, suede boots, hooded tops and cashmere coats. The look is said to mix the traditional sporty vibe of Lacoste with Parisian chic. The famous faces who turned up for the Lacoste New York show cemented the label as a contender – Daisy Low, Will Cameron and Lily Collins (Phil Collins' daughter) were some of the faces spotted in the front row.

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