Lacoste Leads the Way

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum

Lacoste has been credited for paving the way for global brands to turn into 'super brands'.
Lacoste is a leading footwear and clothing brand, worn by film stars, loved by musicians, and sought after by fashion aficionados. The Lacoste brand with its iconic crocodile logo has reigned on the catwalk and on the streets. But aside from high quality materials and distinctive design, what is it that makes the Lacoste brand so powerful? Lacoste understands the nature of branding, and how powerful branding can be. It was back in the 1930s when Rene Lacoste, a French tennis player, won a crocodile skin briefcase in a bet. When he later turned to the world of fashion, he put his sporting mentality into gear to build a successful fashion empire. He understood the power of a brand, and patented the Lacoste name and the famous crocodile logo.
From Lacoste to Brand Beckham
And Lacoste showed tremendous insight and brand awareness in the thirties, paving the way for a consumerist culture that has gone beyond simple label recognition and promotion. Footballer David Beckham has followed in the footsteps of Lacoste, but taken it one huge step further – he hasn't just launched a brand, he has become one. Unlike Lacoste who was a sportsman turned entrepreneur, Beckham is in himself a 'superbrand'. Although sport stars have long been flogging products, David Beckham took the role to new heights. Beckham is not just synonymous with sport, he's synonymous with fashion, promoting everything from watches to aftershave to razors.
Lacoste Shoes – A Whole New Ball Game
The success of major sporting brands such as Lacoste, Nike and Adidas dovetails into the rise of the superbrand. Sport and leading designer labels feed into each other, and together have made brands like Lacoste into global phenomenons. Just as the labels become globally recognisable, so do the handful of sporting heroes that wear them and promote them – Michael Jordan became so close to the Nike brand that he was dubbed 'Jesus in Nikes'. He went from being a just out of college rising star, to earning $80 million. Lacoste: 70 Years of Success Lacoste footwear and clothing however is hugely sought after thanks to the fact celebrities aren't necessarily paid to advertise the label, but are frequently snapped wearing the crocodile logo. The success of Lacoste over more than seven decades is testament to the unique, simple designs that mix fashion with comfort.
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