Lacoste – See you later, alligator

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum

Lacoste is renowned for its iconic crocodile emblem, and this is how the brand began. Lacoste is an iconic global brand, well-known and loved for its timeless, elegant clothing with a sporty edge. And little wonder, for the brand’s founder, Rene Lacoste, was a champion tennis player in the 1920’s and 30’s, who decided to set up his own clothing line. But as well as the quality and styling of the clothing, the Lacoste brand is also famous for its legendary crocodile motif – and this is how that emblem came into being.
Lacoste – The Power of Logos
Before explaining how the Lacoste logo was created, it is first important to understand just how significant branding is in the fashion and sports wear markets, and how an emblem can make or break a brand. Think of the big brands – Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren Polo, Fred Perry and of course Lacoste. And now think of their logos. Each of these brands dominates their market, and each has an instantly recognisable logo, clearly displayed on all its apparel. Without the logo, the brand would blend into the background and there would be no way for the consumer to equate its name and image with the clothes. For example, Adidas’ trefoil is simple and a bit retro, just like its ever-popular shoes. Nike’s swoosh logo is bold, clear and to-the-point, just like the ‘Just do it’ message of the company. The Lacoste logo has its own special story.
Lacoste – The Alligator
The Lacoste brand was founded in the 1930’s by French tennis champion Rene Lacoste, whose ferocious determination on the courts earned him the nickname ‘The Alligator’. When Lacoste decided he wanted to create his own clothing that he could wear for matches, he thought it would be fun to embroider a crocodile to the front. The idea caught on, and soon his small clothing collection expanded to become one of the most popular fashion houses of the period. Some brand experts claim that this is actually the first time a brand logo was displayed on the outside of a garment rather than hidden inside on the label, so it could be argued that Lacoste was actually the forefather of the logo.
Lacoste – The New Logo
The Alligator emblem on Lacoste’s early designs was a big, bold logo depicting a full-colour snarling croc. Now the design has been streamlined to suit the company’s sophisticated modern style, which still retains more than a strong hint of its vintage roots. The Lacoste crocodile is seen on a smaller scale, with green skin and a red snapping mouth. Amidst a whole fashion market full of brands and logos, the Lacoste emblem is still one of the most unique and recognisable today.
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