Lacoste – A Question of Identity

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum

The dapper vibe of Lacoste clothing has attracted a new face for its male fragrance range: Hayden Christensen.

Lacoste has always had a designer edge with a dapper difference. The brand originates in the gentleman's sporting world of tennis after Rene Lacoste created his own polo shirt designed to be more comfortable, as well as stylish, for the tennis courts. And my has Lacoste come a long way – from the debonair worlds of tennis and golf to the modern spirit represented by Hayden Christensen. It's a combination that has ensured the Lacoste brand has grown and grown, combing classic style with fresh innovative designs. Christensen is the first celebrity ambassador of the Lacoste label, and his 'casual elegance' was seen to be in fitting with the spirit of the brand.

Lacoste in the Movies

The synergy of Christensen and Lacoste was put down to the 'charismatic twinkle' in the actor's eye. The Lacoste fragrance is just part of the brands output with clothing and footwear still dominating the Lacoste line. Christensen is perhaps best known so far for playing the iconic Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars. It's a universe away from the humble alligator stitched onto polo shirts in 1933 for the tennis courts. But the alligator insignia is now one of the most recognised in fashion history, just as Star Wars dominates the world of movie history.

The Sport of Fashion

Lacoste has always held on to its philosophy of designing sporty, casual but stylish clothes and footwear, combining classic styles with new designs. Lacoste manages to cater to all the casual and sporting needs – from everyday canvas shoes to leather, hardier trainers. Like other brands to emerge from the thirties, Lacoste has succeeded because it's held onto its original glamour, becoming a vintage and retro hit. Lacoste is reliable, from its young, hip collections to the more classic styles. Lacoste is a brand you can slip into that lets you slip back to simpler, classic times while still keeping you in line with modern fashion.

Football Fans

Lacoste also caters to old-style football fans. The major movie about the world of 70s football - Awaydays – has triggered a revival in classic sporting brands like Lacoste, Fred Perry and Lyle and Scott – all of which are said to be flying off the shelves. The movie is set to become a cult classic following the rites-of-passage tale of two teenagers in 1970s post-punk Liverpool. The characters are dressed head to toe in Lacoste and Fred Perry. The film's Producer David Hughes spoke about the fashion in the film: “What you wore in those days was so important to who you were. It was all about identity, being part of something. The idea still rings true today.”

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