Made in Manchester, Intense clothing is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in menswear. The Intense designers have been hard at work creating standout apparel since setting up shop in 2012 and the label’s distinctive spider logo is almost as intense as the brand itself.

Built for city livin’, Intense clothing is inspired by urban environments and pop culture to create some of the freshest streetwear around. Get involved and stay ahead of the crowd.

The line between sports luxe and gym wear is blurred when it comes to Intense. Each item has been ergonomically designed for comfort and style. Intense clothing is ready to go wherever you’re heading, from days out in the park or an energetic workout, Intense has your back.

When you’ve seen all the great items we have from Intense, why not take a quick look at our collection of neutral sneaks? But, if you’re looking for something in the footwear department, head on over to our all-black trainers collection where you’ll find tons of sophisticated all-black sneaks from all our favourite brands.


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  • Intense Actus T-Shirt

    Intense Actus T-Shirt £24.99 RRP £34.99

  • Intense Silva T-Shirt

    Intense Silva T-Shirt £29.99 RRP £39.99

  • Intense Silva Jersey Short

    Intense Silva Jersey Short £24.99 RRP £34.99

  • Intense Chevron T-Shirt

    Intense Chevron T-Shirt £24.99 RRP £34.99

  • Intense Fractus T-Shirt

    Intense Fractus T-Shirt £24.99 RRP £34.99

  • Intense Widow Hooded Top

    Intense Widow Hooded Top £34.99 RRP £54.99

  • Intense Widow Jog Pant

    Intense Widow Jog Pant £29.99 RRP £44.99

  • Intense Florida Sweatshirt

    Intense Florida Sweatshirt £29.99 RRP £49.99

  • Intense Florida Jog Pant

    Intense Florida Jog Pant £34.99 RRP £54.99

  • Intense Chello Hooded Top

    Intense Chello Hooded Top £39.99 RRP £59.99

  • Intense Chello Jogger

    Intense Chello Jogger £34.99 RRP £49.99