Five Fabulous Pairs of Converse Footwear

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There are some super-cool Converse sneakers available today, so let’s take a look at five of the best.

Converse footwear has been around for decades, since the company’s formation in 1908, and it has produced some fantastic shoes in the past century. From functional shoes to sports shoes and fashion items, Converse footwear has appealed to millions and it continues to do so today.

Here are five of the best Converse sneakers available today:

  1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

    The Chuck Taylor All Star is probably the most famous Converse design out there. This style is worn by literally millions of people across the globe. They appeal to all kinds of people and practically all age groups and they have become truly iconic.

  2. Converse Sea Star

    The Converse Sea Star trainer is styled like a classic deck shoe, with a plush suede upper. These shoes are ideal for the summer and have a smart/casual style that makes them suitable for all sorts of occasions.

  3. Converse All Star Slim Trainer

    This is the classic All Star shape but with a low profile sole, which makes this design even more stylish.

  4. Converse All Star Slushie Boot

    The Slushie Boot is a mutated version of the All Star again, which in this case has a built up upper part to protect you from the elements – namely snow and slush.

  5. Converse Jack Purcell

    The Jack Purcell sneaker is a classic example of Converse footwear and one that remains very popular throughout the world.

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