Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored by your web browser on your computer or mobile phone's hard drive. Some cookies are essential for the website to work for example to remember what you have added to your basket while you browse the site. They are useful because they help us to provide you with relevant information, such as remembering what you have in your wish list or basket when you return to our site. They also allow us to recognise your computer (but not specifically who is using it) when you access our website and to improve the usability and performance of our website.

What is a page tag?

Page tags are usually tiny transparent images (gifs) that help us track the activity on certain web pages. They can also send the website owner (for example, us or our technology partners) information in cookies such as whether an email with a page tag in it has been opened. We use page tags together with cookies to help us understand how you interact without website and to better manage our website and email content. They do not carry any personally identifiable information and are only used to track the effectiveness of a particular campaign.

Types of cookies

1) Session cookies are deleted after each 'session'. For example, when you are browsing our website(s), it will save information about your activity for the duration of your visit, but the cookie will be deleted from your computer as soon as you close your internet browser. Without a session cookie, every time you click through to a new page the web server where that page is stored will treat you like a completely new visitor and items placed in your shopping basket will disappear by the time youreach the checkout.

2) Persistent cookies remember you for a set period of time unless you delete your cookies within this period. On your first visit to our site it will be presented to you in a default manner. Over time, the version of the site you see may change, as persistent cookies remember items you have viewed, preference changes you have made, or whether you logged into or out of your account while browsing.

Turning off and deleting cookies

When you access our website we will have placed some cookies on our computer, in order to be able to display the page to you. If you continue to use our site, additional cookies will be placed for the site functionality to work.

If you don’t want cookies placed on your computer, you can change your browser settings to either reject all cookies; to only allow “trusted sites” or only accept cookies from the site(s) you are currently on. You can disable cookies on your computer by changing the preferences or options menus in your browser. Instructions for disallowing cookies can usually be found in the browser's 'Help' menu. However, some parts of our website will not operate correctly if you disable cookies.

For more detailed information about cookies visit which provides guidance on how to control cookies. You will also find links to the cookie policies of our technology partners where, if possible, you can control cookies they place more easily.


Cookie purpose Cookie type Summary
Transaction Session cookie Used to maintain your transaction with us and minimise the need to transfer your information across the internet. This cookie expires and is removed every time you close your browser.
Checkout Flow Session cookie Used to determine where you are in the checkout process and remember items that have been added to your basket. This cookie expires and is removed every time you close your browser.
Login Persistent cookie Remembers whether you are logged in or logged out. It can also remember your log in name (but not your password) to save you time on your next visit. This cookie expires and is removed within 90 days.
Currency Persistent cookie Used to determine the country from which you are viewing our sites and the currency you prefer to shop with on our website. This cookie expires and is removed within 90 days.
Basket Cookie Persistent cookie Used to store your basket details when you've added items to your basket, but are yet to purchase them. This cookie expires and is removed within 90 days.
Our own cookies

We use cookies to make our website work including:

  • Making our shopping basket and checkout work
  • Determining if you are logged in or not
  • Remembering your search settings
  • Remembering if you have accepted our terms and conditions
  • Showing you which pages you have recently visited
  • Allowing you to add comments to our site
  • Tailoring content to your needs
  • Remembering your currency preference

There is no way to prevent these cookies being set other than to not use our site

Third party cookies

Footasylum have a number partners who serve advertisements on our behalf. All data collected by these third parties is anonymous and will never contain your name, address, telephone number, email address etc. You can delete your cookies at any time from any of the third party marketing sites and technology partners mentioned below. Footasylum will never disclose your personal details to third parties without your specific permission. Examples of third party cookies that are used on our site are as follows:

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to better understand how customers use our website, how they navigate and how often they return to our site. We use this data to improve the usability of our website Google Analytics uses cookies to track on-site conversions. All this data is anonymous. View Google’s Privacy Policy.

Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window's tracking technology uses cookies, flash cookies and E-Tag requests. Flash cookies are similar to normal cookies but they use flash rather than HTML. E-Tags are pieces of code that behave similarly to cookies and help speed up browsing. These cookies and tag requests store information on your computer so that when you click on an Affiliate Window link, information is stored about the click – such as the time of day and the advertisement that referred you to us. Affiliate Window's persistent cookies and ETag requests remain active for 14 days.


Struq cookies collect browsing data – like the products you have viewed. This data may then be used by other website(s) in their network to serve advertisements containing products that you may have looked at or similar products. Advertisements will always include a link to Struq's Privacy Policy page. If you'd like to opt out of ad targeting, or would like to see more information on why you are being retargeted, simply click the blue 'i' icon which appears in the top right hand corner of every advertisement. Alternatively, if you wish to opt out of receiving Struq advertisements altogether, please go to Struq’s Cookie Policy and opt out.


DoubleClick use cookies to serve our digital advertisements across third party websites. The DoubleClick cookie serves relevant ads to potential customers and gathers information about how or if you are interacting with these ads. We use DoubleClick conversion tracking cookies to track on-site conversions. Opt-out of Google ad network's cookies.