Converse Trainers – Traditionally Unorthodox

Converse at footasylumHow many designer labels can boast over 100 years of history? Converse trainers can.


There are some long-established designer labels, but Converse trainers can beat most. A traditional shoe company, whose business was largely related to the basketball scene in the early days, has managed to turn itself into a classic designer label, worn by as many non-sports enthusiasts as it is by its traditional audience.

Why buy Converse trainers?

Converse trainers’ designer credentials are impeccable. In fact, most of its collections feature bright block colours and the instantly-recognisable All Star logo. It’s partly this that has made the label so attractive to younger generations of fashion buyers – that, teamed with celebrity endorsements and sleek marketing campaigns. Converse trainers are the epitome of originality. Understanding that in order to grow, they needed to diversify from being just a shoe brand and move into the high street. Fortunately, the company’s footwear, straightforward though it may be, screams quality from every stitch and sole, and fashion gurus know and like pure quality when they see it. No wonder then, that Converse trainers have managed what few other brands have: the move from the traditional to the unorthodox.

What’s unorthodox about Converse trainers?

Well, in the accepted sense of the word, there’s nothing unorthodox about Converse trainers at all. It’s well-designed, beautifully made and branded, but it has managed to keep its footwear on a par with some of the most popular high street designers, without being seen as old-fashioned or stuffy. That’s quite an achievement, and it’s the reason that sales are increasing and Converse trainers is becoming an increasingly cool brand to wear. No designer fashion retailer should be seen without some Converse trainers in store, and the styles, design and quality of the garments appeals to a wide range of fashion shoppers. Of course, plenty of people still wear Converse trainers on the athletic scene but it’s on the high street that it’s making a bid for the unorthodox.