Converse Trainers - A Style Icon of the 80s

Converse at footasylum
Converse at footasylum
Everyone remembers shoulder pads, leggings and ripped denim, as fashion items in the 1980s, but Converse trainers were the footwear of choice then too!

From gold lame suites to gladiator leather skirt, fashion literally went a bit crazy in the eighties. Punk influences and old ripped jeans combined to create a bizarre style that was embraced by teenagers the world over. Caryn Franklin, the latter presenter of ‘The Clothes Show’ was reported as saying she spent most of the 80’s trying not to look like a women. Post-feminism, post-punk notions of anti-beauty showed itself in fashion during this time with women shaving their heads and bondage gear worn as an everyday look. Clare Grogan copied Debbie Harry by teaming second hand, floral dresses, and swimsuits, with old macs and Converse trainers it was a look that was copied by young music fans immediately.

Doc Martins, Pixie Boots or Converse Trainers

Throughout the eighties young women seem to rail against the traditional girly formalwear that they’d been brought up to consider suitable attire for young ladies by their parents and peers. Shopping in second hand charity shops for rejected waistcoats, granddad shirts and three quarter length macs was the best way to get the look of the time. Wearing Doc Martin boots with leggings, or Converse trainers to the pub, was considered one of the best ways to wind your parents up. The phrase; “You’re not going out looking like that are you?” must have been the most overused sentence of the decade.

Converse Trainers – Tie-dyed Boots to Match Leggings

Later on, in the early 90s, a phase for every art student was to dye their canvas boots to match their current outfit, and unfortunately Converse trainers didn’t escape the art student treatment. Other ways to decorate canvas trainers include using acrylic paint with stencils, or attaching sparkly tassels to the laces. Even spray paint was used to turn Converse trainers into gold or silver boots. It really was a shocking way to treat your much-loved Converse trainers.

Converse Trainers – The Ultimate Classic Footwear Choice for Everyone

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