Converse All Stars: A Modern Icon

Converse at footasylum
Converse at footasylum

Converse All Stars may be nearly 100 years old, but they are still some of the coolest trainers in the world.

Converse All Stars are the shoes of choice for those who want iconic footwear with a massive range of choice. They’re some of the most popular shoes in the world, with millions sold across the planet, and it’s little wonder why.

What’s amazing is that Converse All Stars were first made nearly a century ago, as an answer to the increasing popularity of basketball in the US. They have changed very little in design since, still featuring the same classic logo, which is known all around the world, and having a rubber sole with canvas upper. Now of course, the range of colours and patterns you can specify your shoes with is huge, but Converse has remained true to their original style.

By the 1960, a massive 90% of all college basketball players wore a pair of Converse All Stars, which is an amazing statistic. Even skaters started to wear the shoes because the rubber sole was ideal for gripping the board. It wasn’t long before the whole world appreciated how good the shoes were, and they went from being an elite basketball shoe, to enjoying mainstream popularity. Millions of pairs have been sold since.

Legendary Shoes

This trend has continued to this day, and you can still see many people, including celebrities sporting the legendary shoes. Models wearing the latest in designer clothing can even be seen strutting their stuff down the catwalk in a pair of Converse All Stars.

Some of the coolest Converse All Stars designs incorporate:

  • Leather uppers
  • Tartan patterning
  • Neon pink fabric
  • Retro styling

The incredible range of Converse All Stars is one of the reasons for the brand’s success. Everyone loves to express themselves with trendy footwear, and the Converse range has got something to match anyone’s personality.

Find Converse All Stars Online

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