In 1994, Carhartt branched from their roots in Detroit, Michigan, and began a European distribution adventure through Work In Progress. The lines were based on the heritage and legacy of the original brand, but innovative designs and exceptional quality quickly put Carhartt’s new fashion line ahead of the competition.


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  • Carhartt College Coach Jacket

    Carhartt College Coach Jacket ¥8,482.00 RRP ¥10,603.00

  • Carhartt Penn Coach Jacket

    Carhartt Penn Coach Jacket ¥12,724.00 RRP ¥16,258.00

  • Carhartt Mill89 T-Shirt

    Carhartt Mill89 T-Shirt ¥2,120.00 RRP ¥4,948.00

  • Carhartt College Small Script T-Shirt

    Carhartt College Small Script T-Shirt ¥2,120.00 RRP ¥4,241.00

  • Carhartt Aviation Pant

    Carhartt Aviation Pant ¥8,482.00 RRP ¥12,724.00

  • Carhartt League T-Shirt

    Carhartt League T-Shirt ¥2,120.00 RRP ¥3,534.00

  • Carhartt Anchorage Parka Jacket

    Carhartt Anchorage Parka Jacket ¥14,138.00 RRP ¥25,448.00