Adidas Warns of Fake Emails

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
Adidas is the latest in a long line of big names to fall foul of fake email scams.

It may have originated back in 2008, but a fake Adidas email can still be found doing the rounds of cyberspace. Like all scam emails, it’s designed to look as realistic and convincing as possible, but it’s worried Adidas enough for it to put a permanent warning on its own website to let people know that the email is a fake and anyone receiving it should delete it as soon as it arrives.

The Scam Adidas Email

Like many emails of this type, the fake Adidas email claims that the recipient is the winner of a huge sum of money - $800,000 in this case – and that all they need to do to claim the cash is send their personal details to an email address supposed to be linked to a high street bank. The email address is false, however, so sending your personal and bank details to it is likely to result in your account being cleaned out within a few days. There have been so many of this type of scam email that it may be surprising to many that anyone would still fall for them, but the lure of cash is tempting and when the emails seem to come from a reputable source – an email from in this case – it’s easy to see how simple it can be to get conned. The statement on the Adidas site states that: ". . . the adidas group is in no way affiliated with the sender of the email. Therefore we ask all recipients of these false emails to delete them immediately and not to provide the sender of these emails with the information asked for."

Genuine Adidas Products

The email states that the $800,000 award is part of an Adidas community programme, and whilst the brand does support a wide range of community projects, giving money away to selected individuals doesn’t form part of any of them. Instead, the company concentrates on genuine sponsorships and partnership projects that allow it to give back to the sporting world and the community, whilst boosting its own profile and encouraging further sales.

Adidas at FootAsylum

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