Adidas Turns Corner

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
Adidas believe it will turn the corner and start jogging up the road towards financial recovery.

Like many major brands over the past two years, Adidas has been hit by the global recession. One of the downsides of retailing across the world is that it’s very difficult to come away unscathed when all major economies are in trouble, and that’s been Adidas’ experience over recent months. A reported fall in profits of 93% is not something any company wants to tell its shareholders, but Adidas is nothing if not tenacious and resourceful and clearly believes that things will now start to move in the right direction.

How Adidas Can Recover

There are already signs of economic recovery in some countries, including the USA, France and Germany – some of Adidas’ key markets. This will be good news for the company, which will be hoping that more confident consumers will begin to return to the brand. Adidas footwear and clothing is deliberately priced to be affordable and is available from high street retail stores and online, so there’s no problem with buying channels. In addition, the company’s ongoing sponsorship of key sporting events, particularly in football, ensures that the brand and the associated messages will get out to an audience of millions. With sports stars still one of the leading lights of the fashion world, Adidas will be hoping that fans will covet shirts, footwear and equipment, and that this spending will help to improve Adidas’ fortunes.

Time for Adidas

For a company that has enjoyed huge success over the years and which has recently celebrated its 60th birthday, Adidas is unlikely to be too worried about its future prospects. With continual research and development into the latest footwear and sportswear designs, alongside clearly targeted marketing, advertising and sponsorship, there’s no reason why Adidas shouldn’t be riding high in the future. As with all financial lows, however, it may take Adidas a little time to recover from this global hit, but you can rest assured that your favourite sports brand will be innovative and proactive in returning to the top echelons of the sportswear market.

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