Adidas Trainers - Adidas Benefits from Unusual Viral Marketing

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
It goes without saying that viral marketing is one of the most successful methods and Adidas trainers recently received a fillip when a US comedian decided to run around America wearing nothing but Adidas trainers.
According to a report on UTalk Marketing, Adidas trainers and clothing are receiving great benefit from a video that has gone viral on the internet that depicts American comedian, Greg Johnson, running across the country from East coast to West coast wearing nothing more than a pair of Adidas trainers. This is not the first time that the American comedian has pulled an outrageous stunt and Adidas are counting their blessings that he has inadvertently endorsed their Adidas trainers so overtly to millions of internet viewers. In the various video postings, the comedian can be seen sporting a pair of red, white and blue Adidas trainers which is an obvious sign of patriotism on the comedian’s part. One of the most popular video postings for this unexpectedly beneficial piece of marketing for Adidas sees Greg Johnson donning his instantly recognisable Adidas trainers before running across Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Adidas Trainers - The Bare Necessities
It goes without saying that Adidas Originals, as one of the world’s biggest and most successful companies, the release of a viral marketing video of an American comedian wearing nothing but a pair of Adidas trainers would have been expected to make minimal waves in terms of response but over 9 million people have now born witness to the humorous interlude that involves the comedian running past various recognisable landmarks in nothing more than a pair of white socks and his white Adidas trainers. It is testament to the power of the internet in terms of advertising and Adidas trainers certainly will receive a boost from videos such as this going viral on the internet.

Adidas - Denying All Knowledge
According to the official stance of Adidas, they deny any involvement in instigating the comedian’s actions although Adidas trainers feature heavily in the videos. Even if it is the case that Adidas didn’t have any direct involvement in the creation of Greg Johnson’s video, the very fact that it has gone viral and has now been seen by nigh-on 10 million people will certainly be of benefit to Adidas trainers in the long run.

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