Adidas - Adidas Invest Big in the London Olympics

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
Adidas are, of course, most noted for their Adidas trainers and Adidas sportswear but the multinational company are never afraid to invest in marketing opportunities and they don’t come much bigger than the London Olympics.
Following the resounding success of the Beijing Olympics, it is little wonder that Adidas have quickly gotten on board with the London Olympics in 2012. According to a report on Marketing Week, Adidas intend to invest in training venues in each of London’s five boroughs by the time that the Olympic Games rolls around in four years time. It goes without saying that Adidas trainers and sportswear are already massively popular throughout the world but by investing in these sorts of schemes, Adidas are able to solidify their position as one of the world’s leading sporting brands and keep people buying Adidas trainers and various Adidas fashion accessories. Adidas are no longer purely a sporting label as they now have successfully branched out into brands of clothing that look equally as good on the high street as the track and field. The decision of Adidas to create a sporting venue in each of London’s five boroughs is sure to create a raft of new Adidas fans in our nation’s capital city.
Adidas - Giving Something Back
According to the report on Marketing Week, Adidas are determined to create a lasting legacy for the London Olympics in 2012 and believe that creating these five, free to use, Adidas sporting venues is the ideal means of achieving this aim. Of course, Adidas trainers and Adidas sportswear is worn by some of the world’s biggest and best athletes and this makes all ventures taken Adidas popular amongst the general public. It is safe to say that the opening of these Adidas sporting venues, all of which expect to open in the next few months, will increase the popularity of Adidas trainers and sportswear exponentially as there really is no better form of advertising than linking your product to something favourable that the general public appreciates.
Adidas - Following the Olympic Lead
Each of the Adidas sporting venues to be opened in the London boroughs has been influenced by sports that are popular in the Olympic Games such as basketball, football and tennis; and Adidas clearly excel in providing footwear and sportswear in each of these disciplines. Adidas trainers are amongst the best crafted and developed in the world and it is little wonder that they are now seen as much as a fashion accessory as a sporting accessory.
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