Why Converse Rock

Converse at footasylum
Converse at footasylum

Converse is one of the hippest footwear brands around, it’s not surprising they’ve been embraced by the world of rock ‘n’ roll.

Converse is a brand that has a long history of individuality and strength. The brand has always stood on its own two feet, establishing itself as a company that sticks to its self beliefs. So the worlds of rock ‘n’ roll and Converse surely create a partnership destined for success?

Shoes that Rock

In Spring 2009, Converse collaborated with some of the world’s biggest classic rock ‘n’ roll stars – Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne and The Who. The iconic British bands inspired a unique collection of Converse shoe designs that aimed to celebrate some of the world’s most pioneering music visionaries; rock ‘n’ roll stars that challenged the status quo and changed music history. As a brand, Converse has a strong history with the roots of rock ‘n’ roll. Converse trainers soon became the classic footwear of choice for rock stars and fans in the fifties and sixties, alongside denim jeans and leather jackets. The Converse brand has since been claimed by many counter-culture groups and individuals and is associated with musical visionaries of the past, present, and no doubt, the future.

The Converse British Rock Series

Converse have over the years released a series of unique one off designs, although the classic styling of Converse remains in big demand. The Converse British series was perhaps limited in its appeal to fans of the bands, but still tapped into the general Converse philosophy for Converse fans to ‘rock their own way’.

The Pink Floyd Converse collection tapped into graphics from the albums, including the psychedelic vibes of Dark Side of the Moon, complete with rainbow reflecting prisms. The collection included the Pink Floyd logo on the heel stripe and the famous pig in the clouds. The iconic images on Converse’s iconic shoes were a perfect fit.

The Ozzy Osbourne Converse collection took things down a heavier route, inspired by the fist-pumping hard metal of Black Sabbath. His eccentricity made him an icon of rock, the Ozzy logo Converse shoes sold for $50 in the States.

The Who were the mod rockers who inspired cool Britannia colours and logos on the Converse shoes a look that fitted perfectly with parker wearers who love their scooters. These Converse shoes however weren’t aimed at the Brits but the American anglophiles.

The Converse brand has built its reputation as “America’s Original Sports Company”.

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