First dates are always tricky, you put on your favourite clothes and sneaks to try and convince a stranger that you always look this fresh in the hope they'll want to be with you every day for the rest of their lives.

But let's be honest, when does it ever go that smoothly? From catfishes to wardrobe malfunctions everyone has that one first date they'd rather just forget about, well until Footasylum asks you about them.

We asked our followers on Instagram for their worst first date stories and they definitely didn't disappoint. So grab the popcorn while you read through these disasters and realise it isn't just you that is useless at this dating game.


The one where a family member shows up

I was set up on a blind date and was ready to meet a fire girl, I looked fresh and went all out until my cousin showed up. I’d been sent on a blind date with my cousin and the ‘date’ turned into a family reunion.

The one where she fell asleep

Went to watch a film with a girl I was speaking to and she fell asleep on me. I tell myself it was because the film was boring but I never got a second date.

The one resulting in injury

After eating I suggested we should go halves on the bill- bad idea. She stabbed me in the hand with a fork and bounced so all I left with was a bruised hand and empty bank account.



The awkward walk

We couldn’t decide what to do so she suggested going for a walk. Sounds romantic until you’re 20 minutes in and you’re just awkwardly walking round without speaking. I pretended I knew someone walking their dog and left.

The one that led you into the friendzone

I took a girl out for a posh dinner after months of talking. After I paid the bill and ordered her a taxi she said it would be best if we stayed friends.

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