This competition has now closed.

After our mega competition announcement on Friday it's officially time for the games to begin. 

This week we want to see how fast you can carry out maintenance on your bike. Seen as though we're on lockdown now is the perfect time to get your bike in perfect condition and why not try to win a new bike while you're doing it?

We want to see how fast you can change a bike inner tube for the chance to win a bespoke Nike X Collective Bike. But there are a few extras thrown in there.

You need to:
  • Start the stopwatch.
  • Take the tyre off.
  • Pull the tube out and go through the tube.
  • Put the tube back into the tyre.
  • You need to pump up the tyre with 20 pumps.
  • Then you can stop the stopwatch and show us your time.

Not sure how to do it? Don't panic, Jake100 has shared a handy tutorial on our Instagram stories and below so everyone is able to enter whether you're a pro or amateur.

Once you think you've got your technique on lockdown, film your effort and upload your video to Instagram or TikTok making sure you tag Footasylum and use the hashtag #footasylum.

But you've got to be quick, the competition will close on Wednesday 20th May at 7pm.

Head over to our Instagram to get involved.