We all remember the pressure of the school nativity. Will you get the part you want? Will you remember your (two) words? Will you stand in the right spot?
Well just to add to the pressure, let’s take a look at what your role says about you!


If you got Mary, you were the Queen Bee. The loud one with bags of confidence that could be trusted to remember all her lines and most importantly, not drop baby Jesus. The sass you need to do Mary justice is something that will stick with you for life.


In order to bag yourself the leading male role, you just had to be cute. A man of little words, you just had to stand there and look cute in a tea towel. It’s debatable if this is a talent required in adulthood, though.


The Star

Again, another cute role, but ultimately this was given to the nimblest of the class as it usually involved balancing on one of them awful wooden benches or a chair for about an hour so you were always in plain view.

A Shepherd

The shepherds were the naughty crowd. The lads of the class; mad for the banter, reports could be improved and only cared about PE.

A King

The kings were the big dogs. The special three chosen to give gifts to Jesus. You had to be trustworthy, confident and reliable. Some might argue that the king qualities are the ones you need most to succeed later in life. I bet all the kings are winning at life right now.

An Angel

The clue is in the name, but if you were the angel in primary school you had to be angelic. Quiet, polite and looks good in white. All good qualities to carry through life.

Bauble Number 3

Every play has one, and every year they seem to get more and more obscure. From mice and lobsters to trees or doors, we’ve heard it all. I’m afraid if you were not part of the original line up, your skills are limited, you can’t be trusted with props or lines and you probably shouldn’t quit the day job.