Moving into halls can be a daunting experience for even the most independent student, so we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips for surviving your first few weeks in halls.
Be social
Don’t keep yourself locked away in your bedroom when all your new flat mates are in the kitchen socialising. Get yourself out there, make them a brew, find out what their studying and have a good old fashion conversation. You have to live with these people, so make an effort and get involved with social events both in and out of halls.

Open your windows
Unfortunately, uni halls are not known for their pleasant odours and cleanliness. If you do one thing today, open your bedroom and kitchen windows. Nobody needs to be breathing in stale Chinese, mouldy bread and the remains of that tactical chunder… yep, we’ve all been there. Air it out and your head, lungs and roommates will thank you later.
Do your bit
Don’t be that person that leaves dirty pots in the sink and wet towels in the communal bathroom. Living in halls is your first step into adult-hood, meaning you and only you are responsible for your mess. Keep it tidy and keep people on your side, be the messy one in the flat and you’ll quickly be making enemies.

Customise your room
Student rooms are basic, there’s no denying it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touch. White blu-tack is your best friend this semester and is a simple mess free way to brighten up your digs. Pop up some pictures of friends and family from back home, hang some fairy lights and treat yourself to some new bedding and it’ll instantly feel homelier.
Keep your door open
This might seem a bit weird at first, but leaving your bedroom door open when you’re just chilling in your room, doing some work or having a tidy up will make a massive difference to how you are perceived. It shows you are welcoming, approachable and open to speaking to people. Even if it’s a simple ‘want a brew?’ as somebody walks past, in uni life that can be the start of a lifelong friendship. Some of the best nights, chats and friendships will stem from the open door policy.