As you go through uni you start to realise that the library isn't always used to study and you'll also meet a good share of characters in there. To help you prepare we've identified five types of people you're probably going to meet in the library.

The dedicated student
Arguably something all students should be, but some are definitely more at home in the library than others. The dedicated student is the one who spends their spare time between lectures at the library, soaking up them valuable hours for revision, extra learning and getting ahead. Armed with books and a packed lunch, they’ll be set up in the quiet area ready to kill a few hours.

The last minute Nelly
You can be the most organised person on the planet with all the best intentions, but during your uni stint, there’s no doubt you’ll end up doing a last minute job. Last minute Nelly will be in full panic mode; causing a scene over lost pages, complex citations, a broken connection and generally tearing their hair out. They’ll be hammering the keyboard, music blaring and heavy sighing – Steer clear!
The night owl
Some of us just function better at night, that’s a fact. If you’re ever in the all-night category (you will be, trust me), you’ll be able to tell the difference between a natural night owl and somebody scrambling 2,000 words together an hour before submission. The night owl will be cool, calm and collected, armed with snacks, headphones and a can of monster to see them through.

The ‘how did you even get into uni’ student
You know the one. They can’t work the wifi, they’ve created a jam in the printer and their library fines are through the roof. Who gave this person a place and what on earth are they studying?! Every library has one, maybe more than one, actually, and they will make themselves known quite early on. Avoid at all costs.

The coffee fuelled scatter brain
A combination of the all-nighter and the last minuter, the coffee fiend can be there at all hours. The difference is, this is through choice. They thrive off the coffee buzz and the adrenaline of flitting around the library like they mean business, always armed with a Costa cup. You can spot them by their wide eyes, lingering smell of black coffee and usually looking a little unkempt as coffee comes before personal hygiene. obvs.