The first trailer for the highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed movie is finally here, and fans of the franchise are just a little bit excited…

It’s been a few years since the big screen adaptation of the world famous videogame was announced, but we’d only been treated to a couple of set photos until now. 

Starring Michael Fassbender (aka Magneto) as Callum Lynch, Assassin’s Creed takes us all the way back to 15th century Spain as Callum explores the memories of his ancestor (and master assassin), Aguilar De Nehra. Cue shady people in hoods rooftop freerunning to Kanye West.

Don’t believe us? Watch it for yourself:

Even including the iconic Assassin’s Creed 'leap of faith', there’s definitely a lot to get gassed about here. Let’s just hope the story doesn’t revolve around collecting inconveniently placed feathers.

Directed by Justin Kurzel (Macbeth), the Assassin’s Creed movie is due to drop in UK cinemas on the 30/12/16.