Say the word Vans, and what do you think? If your first thought is ‘Off The Wall’, then you’re going to want to read on- if not, then you need to read on.

Riding off the back off the success of their 50th anniversary series, the world-renowned skate brand has just announced the launch of their 2017 campaign, ‘This Is Off The Wall’- a series of shots and shorts that will explore the background of their ‘Off The Wall’ brand.

Vans This Is Off The Wall 2017 Campaign

The digital campaign, which dropped on Monday, will feature professional athletes, artists and musicians who will share their Vans style stories and explain what this iconic brand means to them- which is a pretty mean feat when you think about it.

The new addition is a follow up to last year’s 50th anniversary campaign which explained the history of Vans to brand newbies, and thanked its fans for half a decade of loyalty. 

As the Vans Global Brand President, Doug Palladini, simply puts it: 

“The meaning of ‘Off The Wall’ is the very ethos of Vans, the very identity of our brand – its everything we stand for”. 

Check out the first ‘This Is Off The Wall’ video here: