Asics have switched it up from the usual three silhouettes down to two, so the pack now consists of one Gel-Lyte III and one Gel-Lyte V.

The Gel-Lyte III ‘Bad Santa’ has a red, black and grey colour scheme, while the Gel-Lyte V ‘Jack Frost’ features a teal and grey colour scheme. Both shoes are comprised of a premium nubuck upper, which is a step up in quality, and a speckled midsole that will definitely catch the eye.

Each Gel-Lyte silhouettes contains the signature Gel technology inserted into the midsole, absorbing impact as you walk and giving you a comfortable ride.

The Asics Christmas Pack 2015 drops tomorrow (Saturday the 14th of November 2015) at 08:00 BST. Don't miss out!