2017 is just beginning, and loads of people have made the resolution to hit the gym harder than they've ever done before.

But without motivation, resolutions are difficult to stick to. We spoke to up and coming professional boxer (and Footasylum ambassador), Jordan 'Troublesome' Thompson, to find out how he maintains his strict training regime, day in , day out.

Good to see you again, Jordan! Tell us, what does motivation mean to you?

My definition of motivation is when you are so into something, you don't need any encouragement to get out there and do it. You just do it because you want to!

Jordan Troublesome Thompson in the ring

A lot of people struggle with workout motivation, especially when it comes to the colder months. How do you stick to such a strict training routine?

I've trained in one way or another all of my life and I've always been competitive. My parents were world karate champions, so it was all part of growing up. My brother and sister have always trained as well.

I am very into being as fit as I can be. It's not just physical, it's mental and spiritual as well. No matter how hot or cold the temperature is outside, it has to be done!

Do you think having goals is important? How should people set goals?

Yes, having goals is important, however big or small they may be.

It could be walking to the end of the road or completing an Ironman three day event. My goals are simple: Stay fit, well and healthy and win every fight leading up to and beyond a world title.

Jordan Troublesome Thompson with medecine ball

A lot of people give up on exercise quickly because they don’t see immediate changes. What small victories should they keep in mind to help them stick to the gym?

I always say you have to give an exercise programme between six to eight weeks to see results.

You may not see them on the scales, but judge it by what you wear, how your clothes fit you and how you feel.

Diet is a big part of motivation and general wellbeing. What do you eat day to day that keeps you feeling energised? What do you avoid eating?

I have had a few stomach problems, which could be due to being brought up vegetarian and then eating meat and fish when I got older.

I'm really into the healthy options, but unfortunately have a sweet tooth! So I eat loads of scrambled eggs, avocado, beans, pulses, gluten free foods, rice and peas. I love West Indian food. The healthier the better!

Jordan Troublesome Thompson punching bag

What athletes do you look up to and how do they inspire you to be better?

I'm inspired by Floyd Mayweather. He just took over the sport of boxing.

I also look up to Muhammad Ali for all that he did as a sportsman and humanitarian.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote? 

"Alone we are strong but together we are stronger."

And what’s your mantra for success?

"Success is where opportunity and preparation meet"

Jordan Troublesome Thompson in boxing ring

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