If the thought of watching another warm and fuzzy Christmas film this year leaves you feeling blue, we hear ya! Let's ditch the all that festive cheer and watch something that's really going to fill your stocking.

We’ve picked out some of the best non-traditional Christmas films, that are definitely more naughty than nice. From some pretty nasty Santas, to legendary movie quotes, we’ve selected some of funniest and weirdest holiday inspired films, that we guarantee you don’t want to watch with your gran.  

1. Bad Santa 

Billy Bob Thornton’s portrayal of the big red guy saw one of the worst tempered and filthiest Santas ever to (dis)grace the big screen. 

Con man, Willie Stoke (Thornton), takes a job as a Department store Santa teaming up with his pal Marcus as they get ready to rob the store on Christmas Eve. Bearnie Mack plays the Mall's security chief who knows Willie is up to no good and is trying to catch him out. 

But is Willie actually a good guy who’s misunderstood? We will let you work that out. All we know is that this film is pretty funny.   

2. Silent Night  

Santa takes on an urban legend in 'Silent Night', a slasher flick where a guy dressed as Santa heads to a small town and bunks off everyone who’s been bad on Xmas Eve.

Can anyone stop this vicious killer before he completes his rampage? 

3. Krampus 

Have you lost your Christmas cheer? Maybe you should find it quick before Krampus pays you a visit. Known as the ‘shadow of Saint Nicholas’, Krampus is an evil spirit who comes to kidnap and punish non-believers. 

With a whole host of nasty looking toys coming out to terrorise and harm you, you better pray you don’t make it on his list.  

4. Santa’s Slay 

For everyone who thought Santa was a jolly old guy who liked handing out presents, think again. Well at least not in 'Santa’s Slay'. 

Santa is the son of Satan and after losing a bet was forced to spread Christmas cheer for over 1000 years. But now his time is up and he’s ready for revenge causing destruction to a small town in America on the search for the guy he lost the bet to. 

Played by former WWE star Bill Goldberg, Santa’s Slay is going to kick everybody’s ass and have a laugh doing it.   

5. Die Hard 

If Bruce Willis delivering some of the best movie quotes of all time, whilst saving a building full of hostages in his favourite vest, is your idea of a good movie, you’re in luck! As it’s our ultimate non-Christmas film. *Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, get over it.*

New York cop, John McClane is visiting his wife and kids on Christmas Eve and looking forward to not having to chase bad guys. He decides to take things easy and joins his wife on her work's Christmas party.

Things quickly go bad, when the building is taken hostage by a group of terrorists and it all comes down to McClane to save them. Get ready for lots of action, explosions and some of the best one liners in movie history.