Heading to Uni soon? Brace yourself. Sure, the student discount's good, but you're guaranteed to meet some weird and wonderful characters in your first few weeks:

1. The Party Animal

The first person to suggest a line of Jägerbombs, this guy is guaranteed to make an appearance at every club night, social meet-up, pub crawl, house party, and study session. Whatever you're up to, he'll make sure you've got a shot in hand.

We’re not sure if he actually does a degree or just hangs out on campus for the social life, but at least he's fun to have around!

2. The Rich Kid

This guy always has money to burn, while you and the rest of your Uni friends are scrounging around for a tin of tuna. You'll find him chomping down on a cheeky Nandos with the latest drop on his feet.

He might not actually be rich, to be fair. He’s probably just burning through his student loan before the end of freshers' week and will be just as skint as everyone else in no time.

3. The Food Thief 

Don’t leave food out, he will literally eat anything you put down.

Whether it's leftover pizza or half a tin of cold beans, the food thief will devour anything. Like a goat, but less hairy. Apparently he's allergic to supermarkets, so he survives university by living off the leftovers of his flatmates.

It's not about that beg life.  

4. The Gap Year Student 

The gap year student (actually its pronounced "gap yaarrr") finds it difficult to adjust to Uni life. I mean, it's just so different from living in that a hut in *insert a far off destination*.

Often seen weird looking clothes made from hemp and recycled palm leaves, he’ll repeatedly tell stories about the time he spent "finding himself" in some dark corner of a tropical rainforest.

5. The Althete 

A member of every club or sporting society available at Uni, the athlete spends every spare minute playing sport.

Usually seen wearing his team’s jersey with some unfunny in-joke team name on the back, he lives on a diet of protein shakes and his room stinks of unwashed sports kit. 

6. The 'Singer-Songwriter' 

Every dorm has one.

He chooses to express himself through his guitar, and though he really can’t play that well (or sing) he genuinely thinks he’s the next Ed Sheeran.

Every song is dedicated to his ex-Mrs or some obscure endangered animal. Cover your ears!

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