A YouTuber, vlogger and fashion follower, @Sangiev is the channel to go to for news and tips on the latest trends.

We caught up with the man behind the camera to find out more about himself, his style, and his brand new sneaks.

Hey Sangiev, great to meet you! Tell us a little bit about yourself...

Hi, my name is Sangiev but you can call me Sanj. I’m a YouTuber that covers menswear fashion and lifestyle, whilst also dabbling in a bit of freelance styling and consulting to pay the bills.  

So, talk to us about your style. How would you describe it to someone who’s new to your page?

My style is eclectic, some may say … 

I was never into the idea of being boxed into one category when it came to style, so I take pride in having a varied wardrobe. One day I may dress like a ‘rock star’, whilst the next I’ll be in something more conservative. 

With that being said, my online presence is more known for the ‘SLP Aesthetic’ which is just a fancy way of saying skinny jeans & boots. Easy going. That’s what I’d like my style to be known as. 


Have you got anything that influences your style, or is it all you?

Everything influences me, from my personal Tamil culture, to the way my friends dress, to the places I visit, etc. I take inspiration from everywhere and then channel it into a way that’s mine. 

In today’s age especially, inspiration can be found at the click of a finger (or tap on a mobile screen I should say) all you have to do is browse Instagram to come across inspiration! 

How did you get into fashion? Was it something you’ve always been interested in, or was it a gradual thing?

I was a late bloomer when it comes to the whole fashion world. I decided to take a gap year after completing my A-Levels in order to start living for myself as opposed to others’ dreams.
I started to gain an interest in fashion at the age of 16 and it slowly progressed from there. I spoke with my mum about switching pathways for a couple of days and with her blessings I decided to embark in the fashion world, first by enrolling at Central St. Martins to study Menswear Fashion Design. Now, we’re here … 


Tell us about your YouTube channel, when did you start it up and what sort of thing can we find on there?

I started the channel at the end of 2015, but only started posting regularly half a year ago! It’s all about menswear fashion - as mentioned previously, I’m a big believer in not being boxed into one category and wanted to highlight that on my channel.

I showcase my recent pickups, some styling videos and some more lifestyle content like vlogs.

How often do you find that you upload videos? Is it something that you enjoy doing? 

I started off by uploading once a week, then as things picked up it became twice a week - on Thursdays & Sundays. 

I love it - I wouldn’t be doing it, if I didn’t. It’s allowed me to create a platform where there is like minded individuals and you meet some really dope people throughout the world whilst doing something you enjoy!

Tell us about the shoes that you’ve picked, how did you style these up? What did you think about them, did they fit in with your usual style?

The shoes I picked were the Air Max 95s - classic shoes, despite their bulkiness they look amazing on feet. Growing up in France I always wanted a pair of those but could never afford them.

I decided to go for the Granite CW, they pair up really nicely with fuller cut trousers and so those are the looks featured today. We have an all-black outfit where the shoes do the talking, and then another outfit which is very tonal - the very opposite of the first look in essence, but again goes to show how versatile the shoes are! 


How big a part does footwear play in your final look?

Footwear plays a massive part - it can easily make or break an outfit. I, like many others, will sometimes have entire outfits based around the footwear and think about how best to highlight them!

Have you ever had any fashion fails that you want to share with us?

Plenty of fashion fails, not too sure if there’s any that I want to share - but to anyone reading this, everyone makes mistakes! Embrace that sh*t, I was the only one in my year to wear a white suit to prom, and to this day, I don’t regret it one bit! 


What would you say to look out for in terms of trends this summer?

Trends this summer, everything is going back to being on the looser end when it comes to silhouette, trousers are getting fuller, tops are getting bigger (or longer). 

Ever since the new creative director of Gucci was appointed we’re seeing a massive influx of 70s inspired designs, the colours, the cuts. It’s not specific to this summer, but also the wave of mixing sportswear/fashion is forever present, so keep rocking that too!

Finally, where can we keep up to date with your style and goings on?
You can follow my YouTube channel and follow me on my social media @sangiev (Instagram & Twitter

Shoutout to @kiwi.photos for providing the visuals today too, she killed it!