Introduce yourself!
Hi! I'm Emerald. I'm 23, 6 feet tall, I've got massive hair and I'm from London. I'm a presenter, DJ, model and performer.
Tell us about a typical day in the life of you...
Typical weekday? I'd get up as early as possible (depending on how heavy the weekend was), have a coffee and a lovely massive breakfast with my 15 housemates, plan my radio show, sing very loudly in the shower, attempt beautifying myself, contemplate doing some exercise and occasionally actually do some! I'm getting lazy these days! I'd listen to a bit of Jazz FM to switch it up a bit, cycle to the Rinse studio and grab a load of snacks. Then I'll do my radio show on Rinse for three hours, finish at four, practice my mixing at the studio, answer some emails, then either go and see some pals, go to a gig, or just go home and try to achieve some maximum chill!
So you’re a DJ... Tell us how you got into it?
I've been a presenter on Rinse FM for about a year now which is the best thing I've ever done! DJing I guess goes hand in hand, which is such a blessing as I've always wanted to DJ. My dad was a radio DJ in the 70s/80s. He had vinyl decks at home growing up, and I used to sneak into the garage when he wasn't home and play all his old records. I remember a lot of reggae, dub and hip hop in his collection which probably has a lot to do with my music taste now. I've always been that annoying person at the party hogging the iPod and I never go anywhere without music. I guess I'm quite a nerd when it comes to music. Being a part of the Rinse family has allowed me to develop proper DJing skills. I think it's very important to be technically skilled and I try to practice as much as possible.
Emerald Lewis Rinse FM
Do you think your music taste influences your personal style?
I think so! To some degree anyway. I like to be adventurous and expressive in my style but always always always comfortable. I guess if you are really into a certain genre of music the style traits of that genre will naturally come through in your personal expression and the artists that you admire will naturally influence you. 
You also model for Anti Agency who we’re big fans of! How long have you been modelling for?
Anti Agency are great! I've been modelling since I was only a few months old which is mad to think back on now!
How would you describe your style? Have you always had this style or have you grown into it?
I've grown into it and I think it changes and develops all the time. Some things I wear today I've had for years and years. As I'm growing into my 20s I like to think I'm becoming less scruffy but I think I'll always be a bit of a scruff. Right now it's quite 80s. I hate describing my style, I find it so hard not to cringe at what I say! Here goes: adventurous, expressive, scruffy, sassy (cringe), sporty, experimental? Haha!
Where do you find your style inspiration?
All over the place! I like old 80s style the most I think. Fresh Prince of Bel Air kind of vibe. Also just living in London helps, great style is all over the place.
Emerald Lewis style
What have you worn on your feet today?
The Timberland Nellie Chukka Double boot in wheat.
How many pairs of shoes do you own and how do you store them?
I have way too many, I try not to count! 90 percent trainers. I keep half in storage stuffed under my stairs and I have all my best trainers laid out on display in my room. 
Are you a trainer/sneaker girl? What’s your favourite pair?
Most definitely. My favourite are my khaki velcro patch Air Max that I got on Air Max day! I love them so much.
Are there any fellow models or Instagrammers out there in particular inspiring you day-to-day?
Rihanna's Instagram is an unhealthy guilty pleasure of mine. Also check out @creamsodagirlz on Instagram for great style inspiration. If I was more girly that's exactly the kind of vibe I'd go for. 
How will you be styling up your Timberlands this winter?
I love my Timberlands! I'm imagining something quite TLC, like some baggy Levi's with a classic black polo neck crop top and a big puffa jacket. I like having chunky feet but i can't wear platforms 'cause I'm so tall (lol) so this is the next best thing. 
What’re your social handles so girls can check out your style?
@emeraldroselewis on Instagram
@emeraldrose on Twitter
Thanks Emerald, we can't wait to see what you get up to next! Check out her Timberland Nellie Chukka Double boots online now.