Fast-forward almost twenty years, and the Air Rift is one of the most iconic and popular Nike trainers on the market, on and off the track.

Inspired by the barefoot runners of Kenya's Great Rift Valley, the Rift features a split-toe construction that hadn't been done before by Nike. It was incredibly new and innovative, but it was also very different. Sneaker fans hunting Air Max and Jordans weren't interested. The Rift developed a fan-base of devoted runners, keen to experience the synthetic stretch-fit mesh. The trainer is almost like a sandal in its construction, especially due to the lack of laces, and it features an Air Unit in the heel.

Nike Air Rift Lava

The Nike Air Rift has been reimagined throughout the years into new additions and with new materials, including leather and suede instead of the standard neoprene. In 2000, Nike Japan released a Brazilian football edition, and in 2001 a Puerto Rico edition was made featuring the country's flag. One of the most famous styles of the Nike Air Rift was designed by Halle Berry, a huge fan of the silhouette, for the Nike Artist series in 2003. Only 1000 pairs were made so they're pretty impossible to come by. 

Nike Air Rift Mint

In 2015, the Nike Air Rift is not just a running shoe, it's a lifestyle shoe. The exposed forefoot makes it perfect for the warmer weather, and the level of breathable comfort makes it the ideal shoe for walking. If you're looking to mix up your footwear choices this summer with newness, the Air Rift should be first on your list. 

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