A scare attraction company asked me for some ideas for its upcoming Halloween special event in America. They needed something quickly, so I agreed to get something together for them.

I often make digital horror art, and to do this involves photography. For photography, I needed a location, and while I was obviously hesitant, I decided to return to the haunted asylum that had terrified me only a week ago.

Abandoned asylum bedroom

Summoning up my courage, that evening my partner and I got into the car, headed to the store and bought props for the shoot. With a shopping list consisting of surgical outfits and fresh lambs hearts, the cashier was definitely a little concerned. I think she was thinking of calling someone. But she checked out the goods and we were on our way.

We got to the asylum just after midnight, found our way in and headed to the areas which would look best as backdrop for some shots of a crazy doctor.

While heading up the stairs, I couldn't help but think of last week's encounter. Were they still here? Would I get to find out who or what was making the footsteps?

Insane doctor holding heart

We found a perfect room and started setting up. We tested the lighting and then I began my transformation from Sophos9 to crazy doctor.

Not long after, we had some great shots and started to pack up. Suddenly, my partner put her finger to her lips and whispered a desperate "shhhh!" in my direction. I stopped dead in my tracks and stood staring at the door as we heard banging footsteps followed by a deep moaning sound.

The sound was getting closer. No words, just bang, bang, BANG!

BANG! Right on the door we were behind. We stood still, terrified.

The moans and footsteps echoed away, getting further and further down the corridor. I finally took a breath after holding it for what seemed like an eternity.

My partner was looking slightly pale. I asked a stupid question: "Did you hear that?". "Yes." she whispered.

Insane doctor in hospital

The moaning became faint, coming from far inside the asylum as we finished packing up our equipment. Quickly leaving the room, we tracked back to the exit point.

We didn't see who or what was making the noise before we left, but we could still hear the moaning as we returned to the car.

Did the moaning belong to the same person as last week's footsteps? I'm glad we weren't around to find out.


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