During his recent Madison Square Garden gig, Yeezy showed a short trailer for “Only One”, a videogame inspired by his late mother, Donda. Officially announced at E3 yesterday, the world was given the opportunity to check out the trailer, with most people divided on the whole idea.

Set to the tune of his 2015 track, “Only One”, and including some incredible artwork, the trailer doesn’t really give away much. Although details are tight at the moment, the main concept of the game revolves around guiding Donda West on a journey through the clouds to the gates of heaven.

While Kanye isn’t the first celebrity to branch into videogames, at the moment it looks like "One Love" is a little more Michael Jackson’s Moowalker than it is Wu Tang’s Taste The Pain. In production since 2015, gameplay footage and a release date can’t be far off.

Touching tribute or a little bit weird? We’ll let you decide.