The Doggfather himself turns 45 today and everyone knows when it comes to talking street, no one doesn't better than Snoop Dizzle.

To celebrate the birthday of one of hip hop's greatest, we've taken some of the biggest selling sneaker styles out there and put them through Gizoogle to see what Snoop would say.

Check out our Snoop Doggified descriptions and see how many you can guess!   

Snoop says:

 "Originally becomin tha straight-up original gangsta Nike model ta be used up in basketbizzle wit Nike’s revolutionary air technology, any member of tha crew will know you have steez wit dis iconic shoe." 

"Nike has brought you a hustlin shoe dat goes wit every last thang n' performs magnificently too, supportin yo' foot as you strutt on air."


Snoop says:

"Featurin a ' finger-lickin' distinct design, airflow technologizzle n' available up in four neck-breakin' colours, these kicks reawaken fo' a freshly smoked up era."

"Created wit a mix of texture n' tech-inspired shizzle, these sneakers take tha adidas hustlin technologizzle from tha early 2000s n' give it tha full overhaul fo' 2016. Da lightweight shiznit of tha synthetic upper n' rubber outsole combine ta create a kick dat can keep on going."


Snoop says:

"Since its release up in 1968 tha trainer has been widely worn by footbizzle hustlas up in tha UK, mainly up in tha 80s."

"Interest has been revitalised by tha modern dizzle footbizzle hustla n' a big-ass number of supportas whoz brand theyselves as ‘Footbizzle Casuals’, tryin ta brang back tha 80s image."


Snoop says:

"Back fo' 2016, featurin a bangin' flexible sock-like upper made wit computerised technology, a transparent midfoot strap holdz yo' foot up in place whilst keepin you laid back n' secure at all times."

"Yo, sat on a cold-ass lil chunky, supportizzle midsole wit glossy toe bumper n' Swoosh branding, dis be a understated funky-ass sneak thatz bout ta blow up."