The sneaker life chose us.

If you're not about the sneaker life you might not know, but being a sneakerhead is hard. Not only do you have to put in the work to cop the latest release, but trying to keep them looking box fresh once you do is just as tricky.

There are loads of daily struggles faced by sneaker lovers across the globe, but you know you're a certified sneakerhead when...

1. You spend hours waiting for that limited release to drop.

We’ve all been here. Sat on your laptop or staring into your smart phone waiting for that new release to drop. Heart racing, sweat pouring, hitting refresh over and over and praying your size is still there once you get through.

2. Any marks on your kicks means they're ruined.

Imagine the scene: You look down, and there’s some dirt on your new creps. A regular sneaker wearer would just brush it off, no biggie. The sneakerhead is a different breed. Those sneaks are ruined, bro. Chuck them out!

3. You take drastic measures to keep them box fresh...

You’re out in your best pair when it starts to rain. What do you do? Anything you can, really. Even if it means bagging them up. Who cares about your reputation? There are only a few million pairs of those sneaks in the world!

4. And you completely lose it if they get stood on.

You're minding your own business when someone forgets the meaning of personal space and stands on the back of your shoe (*head explodes*). There should be a law against this kind of sneaker crime!  

5. But they soon get forgotten when a new release lands.

Your skint. You can’t move in your house for kicks. There are hundreds of pairs that you've never even worn. But those new releases keep on coming….#thestruggleisreal

These problems speaking to you? Head to YouTube and watch our Footasylum x Wall of comedy sneakerhead problems collab for more of life's real issues.