There are so many Christmas songs out there, you’d be forgiven for remembering them all as one jingly amorphous mass. In fact, there’s a lot of diversity in the vast array of seasonal verses - more than enough to soundtrack the emotions of Christmas Day with the family. We consulted the Footasylum office to uncover the top tunes of the season: here they are as a short playlist to cater to your every Christmas mood. 

Do They Know It's Christmas

Do they? When you’re wide awake at 6am with excitement because the cruel world hasn’t yet stifled your inner child It feels like they don’t. What happened to opening presents at the crack of dawn? And why is the pile of presents getting smaller by the year? 

Proper Crimbo

‘So excited you might wee’ says it all really. Getting short of breath while tearing through wrapping paper is something you never grow out of. It may be the season of giving, but receiving is better. 

The Power of Love

The power of love, a force from above, cleaning my plate. Get yourself a man who looks at you like he looks at his Christmas Dinner. That’s love, girls. 

Fairytale of New York 

Dad’s had a few beers, your Mum is celebrating another successful dinner with (more) mulled wine. They stick on Now That’s What I Call Christmas and screech along. Kisty MacColl and Shane MacGowan they’re not. 

Stay Another Day 

As the curtain closes on another one of Jesus’ Birthdays, all that’s left is the desire to eat to excess again and again and again. Unfortunately, Christmas can;t stay another day - that's not how the Gregorian calendar works. Shame.