Conceived as a sister brand to the pair’s other venture, Billionaire Boys Club, ICECREAM is influenced directly by action-sports culture, particularly skateboarding.

Pharrell met Nigo when he first ventured over to Japan around 2001. Being a DJ in popular Japanese supergroup, Teriyaki Boyz, and a record label owner, Nigo owned a studio that Pharrell asked to use. Heading to the Japanese fashion icon’s showroom afterwards, Pharrell’s jaw hit the floor when he saw just how much the two were on the same wavelength when it came to interpreting visions of life through design, and they instantly became friends.

ICECREAM was born off the back of that friendship, and the pair’s mutual mission to create apparel that they wanted to wear themselves. Pharrell had conceived the idea for Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM some time before his trip to Tokyo and told Nigo all about his vision for the labels. Nigo offered to do the design work and by the end of that day, the brands’ iconic logos were drawn up and things were set in motion.

The initial idea was to have Billionaire Boys Club as an apparel brand, and ICECREAM as a sneaker label, but Nigo saw the potential for ICECREAM apparel and pushed for its production.

Fast forward just a few years and ICECREAM is a fully-fledged fashion brand, known globally for its unique designs and eccentric prints. While Billionaire Boys Club was intended for musically influenced people who wanted to look their best, ICECREAM appealed to those in the skate scene, leading Pharrell to set up an ICECREAM skateboard team. Recently restarting after a short hiatus, the team currently consists of Andre Beverley, Emmet Duffy, Jamel Marshall and Stephan Martinez.

ICECREAM designs focus around a series of key motifs, often with recurring patterns. Pharrel’s influences are said to range from space, to Wu Tang, to everyday, mundane objects that crop up in everyone’s lives. Bright and eye-catching, ICECREAM apparel is worn by the trend-setters and the head-turners. The people who don’t want to be put in a box.

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