Founded by Rich Cofinco and Robert Nand, both guys previously worked at Vans before deciding to partner, without any backing, and create the brand, inspired by the opportunity of Los Angeles and the freedoms that the city symbolises. Now 13 years old, the original Creative Recreation concept has evolved over time. In the early days, Creative Rec was the only brand in the “lifestyle” footwear game. Since then, a number of similar brands have cropped up, but Creative Recreation will always be the original, continually recreating to stay relevant and inspired.

Creative Recreation are on a mission to make footwear for the freethinkers who thrive in any environment. Inspired by the spirit of street art, they strive to produce bold creative expression and out of bounds thinking with their designs. They are a brand that thrives on individulaity, coming alive in energy-charged environments, where statements are made and are unified by a single idea — that creativity matters. 

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