Most of these illustrators are juggling their art with other jobs, so you've got to give them credit for consistently putting out such amazing work. If you're a fan of sneaker art then check out our hit list of illustrators below:

1. CAROLL LYNN (@careaux)

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Hailing from the Netherlands but currently residing in Sydney, Australia, Caroll is top of the list for illustrators you need to know about. Aside from being a huge sneakerhead (and there's always room for more female sneakerheads), she's well-known for her quick footwear shots on Instagram, dubbed the #escalatorquick. You can see more from her on her blog or head straight over to her shop. 

2. DAN FREEBAIRN (@kickposters)

You might've spied Dan on here before as he's done a number of sweet collabs with us in the past. We even interviewed him way back in February. He's an artist and graphic designer from Manchester who works full time but dedicates the time he can that he can to his art. Trust us, if you love trainers then you'll want his illustrations framed and up on your bedroom wall. They're quality. Take a look on his website. 

3. SY (@sy_illustrations)

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Okay so we couldn't find out much about SY, but who needs personal info when you've got next level artwork to enjoy. We do know that they're from Manchester, and they're not exclusively a sneaker artist, having done a host of prints featuring Disney characters and 2014 World Cup kit prints. See everything on their site. 

4. TOMMY BATES (@tommy4)

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Another guy that doesn't just stick to kicks, Tommy's illustrations have been featured in a few high profile places and seen some pretty great recognition. You have to check out his Simpsons x streetwear series.

5. JC Ro (

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He calls his work "triangle sh*t", and rightly so, 'cause it's all just triangles. It's also extremely impressive stuff. The guy's a huge Jordan fan, so if you love Jordans get following. 

6. GHICA POPA (@ghicapopa)

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Last on the list we give you Chris Teguh a.k.a "Big Asian Chris". He's making a name for himself with Sole Stitches, an online shop where he sells custom sneaker string art. If you're looking for something totally different then hit him up.  

If you think there's an illustrator missing here then let us know in the comments!