What a finale. In just 2 short weeks, we’ve seen it all! Drama, entertainment and banter- the housemates couldn’t have been better to watch.

Today we found out who won Locked In and took the money home for their chosen charity, we're not going to ruin it just yet but if you want to find out you can here and here.

In week 1 we saw the housemates get comfortable in the house with their new friends. Just as they were starting to get familiar with their surroundings, week 2 came to shake things up.  New housemates, new challenges and new… songs. That’s right, if you’ve been tuning into Locked In every day you will know that we waved bye JMX and welcomed in Sharky.
Becky picked up some more roadman lessons, and mayonnaise-gate had the boys up in arms as they sacrificed their beloved ball. New challenges in week 2 also saw the housemates get their much-needed nutrients from an assortment of animal body parts.
Check out these hilarious tweets from the second week of Locked in.