We like to make sure you’re always wearing the freshest threads, which is why our range of brands grows daily and the latest addition is no different.

Introducing JK Attire. Only for the real ones.

With famous fans like Alex Bowen already repping their tracksuits, this brand is making waves. But we know you don’t want to be wearing what everyone else is wearing. That’s why our range of JKA apparel is exclusive to Footasylum.

UK streetwear brand JKA was born in 2018 in the city of Manchester. The brand represents modern and forward-thinking designs inspired by an aesthetic lifestyle. Each of their pieces are created using cutting edge fabric technologies and a ruthless attitude- perfect for both a day exploring the urban jungle or a workout.

The Footasylum collection of JKA attire features classic streetwear staples that no one should be seen without. JKA joggers and hooded tops pair together to create an iconic co-ordinated look, while the JKA tees look fire paired with some distressed denim jeans.

The ever-expanding JKA collection combines practical, crisp, bright sportswear with an urban streetwear appeal. A British brand and proud, JKA promise to never stop progressing and to choose quality over quantity.

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