Whilst we believe in celebrating women all day every day, a whole day is dedicated to women and we are here for it.

International Women’s Day falls on the 8th March and is an annual and global celebration of the many steps women all over the world are making day in and day out in the fight for equality, recognition and respect.

We thought we’d take a look at some of the women in sport who are absolutely smashing it. This isn’t about beating the boys or going one better, it’s about being seen as their equal and it actually not being a shock that hey guess what? Were female and we did it!
The England sports teams

Our male sporting team’s efforts in various national or international sporting events are always heavily documented in all forms of media, but unfortunately our girls are always left behind with little screen time.

Here’s some quick facts for you to digest and take away with you…
  • The England women’s football team came 3rd in the world cup
  • Our women’s cricket team are ranked 2nd in the world
  • Our netball team are ranked 2nd in the world
  • The England rugby team who are also second in the world.

I mean, if that isn’t Sky Sports News worthy then what is?
Alex Scott MBE

On her way to becoming a household name, Alex Scott is making movements to normalise women in sport, particularly football.

The former right-back had a long and successful career with Arsenal, as well as 140 appearances for England and representing us in the London Olympics.  Her long list of achievements on the pitch have enabled her to open her own academy specifically for women – the first of its kind in the UK.

She can now be found on BBC Match of the Day and Sky Sports. Smashed it.

Not quite a person, but a big dog in the sporting world that has been championing women from the get go, Nike. Nike’s Dream Crazier film premiered at the Oscars last week and blew peoples socks off. The 90 second clip showcases some of the most powerful and inspirational women in sport with the dream crazy message prevalent throughout. This is huge. The impact a brand and video like this can have on the women of our future is so powerful.
Serena Williams
We can’t really talk about women in sport without mentioning the godess that is Serena Williams, can we? When we think of powerful, influential women in sport, Serena is always one of the first that springs to mind.

Besides dominating the court since 90s, Serena has also been the voice of encouragement and belief for current and future female athletes. Always one to take a stand, she has fought back against sexism and racism in the media not only for herself, but for her daughter and the women to follow after her.
If you needed any more convincing that Serena Williams is absolute goals, she won her 23rd grand slam title whilst pregnant. *mic drop*

If you're feeling empowered and inspired after taking a quick check on just what women can do, go and spread the feeling to all of the strong women in your life who might need a little pick me up today.