Making friends at primary school is easy. You bond off your favourite crayon, jumping in puddles and sharing your Quavers. Making friends in adulthood is a whole other ball game.
It’s true what they say, your uni friends will be friends for life, but forming them initial bonds can take some work.

Your flat mates
In first year, you don’t get to pick who you live with so whether you like or not, you are stuck with them. The best thing you can do is make an effort to get to know all the people in your flat. Some of you might have friends of friends, common interests or be from the same area – all perfect starting points for long lasting friendships. Make people brews, share the load of the housework and check in on your neighbour, you never know where it might take you.
Your peers
The good thing about the people on your course is you already have one big thing in common. Having somebody to sit with through lectures and seminars can be priceless later down the line when the work builds up, group work begins and you could use a helping hand. Unlike your flat mates, you will be with your course mates for the next three years, so form relationships early on for a more enjoyable experience. Arrange a library date, grab a coffee between lectures or just make an effort with the one who forgets their pen every week, you won’t regret it.  

Out and about
The best thing about uni is everyone either is or has at some point been in your position. Everyone starts uni as a newbie, the majority of people attend uni alone and the majority are in a new city. Everyone wants to make friends, but not everyone has it in them to spark up that first convo. If you see somebody sat alone at lunch, ask to join them. If somebody is looking a little lost, ask can you help. Found someone who has been separated from their mates on a night out? Take them under your wing. A friendship for life can start anywhere at any time, you just have to jump at the opportunities.