Let’s face it, January is nobody’s favourite month. Even if it’s your birthday month, it’s still a long, cold, skint month. So when Blue Monday was invented back in 2005, people jumped on it because by this time of the month, we are all feeling a little blue.

Here’s a few ways you can make sure you have the best Blue Monday.
Prioritise you

If you’re literally dragging yourself through to pay day, stop and check yourself. Have your favourite meal, have a long hot bath with a multi-coloured (not blue) over priced bath bomb and get yourself an early night. This is the solution to most things, so take that Blue Monday.
Do something spontaneous

I know not everyone is feeling spendy at this time of year, but if you can afford to, why not book something? A holiday, a day out or even just a catch up with uni friends. Get something in the diary to look forward to and cheer you up until pay day.
Look at the positives

There are two big positives to think about today.
  1. January is almost over and you haven’t killed your boss or quit your job.
  2. Everyday those evenings are getting a little bit lighter and we are one step closer to summer 2019.
Be nice

I know, I know – we’re asking a lot here, but just think about it. Compliment the girl at Starbucks serving your morning coffee, thank your colleague for holding the door or start a conversation with somebody you would normally steer clear of. Small, positive steps to a brighter happier day. (Then you reinstall Scrooge mode tomorrow).

Treat yo’ self

Yep, we’re a bad influence. But there is no joy like a trainer delivery. We’ve had lots of new launches recently from some of the sporting giants like Nike and adidas, so why not grab yourself something new so you can kick start February looking and feelings fresh. You can thank us later.