The Jordan franchise is heavily cemented into the music industry. Since the 90’s, the Jordan brand has had as much influence on Rap and Hip Hop, as much as the as the artists within the genre have had on the sneakers. Over the years Jordan has lent its sneakers to an array of artists to form their recognisable identities including that of Jay Z and Biggie. From basketball to music, the brand continues to inspire and bring together people who shoot for the stars and aim for greatness.

To celebrate the AJ1 Newspaper Air Times, we hosted 2 store events with a line-up of exciting local talent. The mix of DJ’s and rappers who were chosen to perform, courageously embodied the same spirit and passion as Michael Jordan in his glory days. Hungry and ambitious: they are all in pursuit of a dream, which is why we invited them to help us celebrate the of this shoe and the Jordan brand.

[MCR] In Manchester, a growing community of music artists are rising out the cracks of the city’s cultural scene. We call it a community because these young talents often perform side by side, supporting one another in their endeavours.

"You have got to stick to the soil- stick to the roots.
Manchester is where it is at."


November 21st marked the first event ahead of the launch. In the heart of Manchester, the Footasylum Arndale store was transformed into an inviting event space. A stage was built in the middle of the store, surrounded by the breadth of sneakers on the shop floor. By 8pm, the store was ready to be filled with the new sounds of Manchester.

"We have already changed up the Manchester
music scene but there's more to go."
"I don't confine myself to
one type of music."

-DJ Yemi
Ahead of the performances, we caught up with the boys to hear their stories, their hopes and their aspirations. It was evident that they all had a shared passion for being great in their field. For many of them, their musical journey had only commenced in the past couple of years. It may explain why they were all so hungry for success. So much so, most of them were making music alongside school work and other studies, especially DJ Bankz who mentioned he had an assignment in for the next day.
"I'm just trying to let everyone know that
people may be doing something but
that doesn't mean you have to follow."


Their energy was infectious, all bouncing with the urge to constantly create and perform.  Each one of them was doing something totally different to the next. Nemzzz spoke of how he didn’t use typical derogatory terms in his rap. While, Zeph excelled at his faultless freestyles. And, DJ Win’s mission was to make sure talented individuals like these were being heard across Manchester and even the country. Together, Nemzz, Tyreezy, Zeph, DJ Win, DJ Yemi, DJ Bankz gave a stellar performance which left a lasting impression on everyone at the event.

[LDN] From rising talent, to a pair of artists who have now firmly got their foot in the door of the industry- Young T and Bugsey. The pair acted as the faces of the AJ1 exclusive campaign, and so it was only right we invite them down to perform at our London store event.

The duo have made a quick rise to the epicentre of British music with their afro-beats meets rap sound.  Collaborating with the likes of Aitch and Not3s who have also made a splash in the UK music scene, they are determined to work their way to the top. But for the pair, remaining true to their roots is a key focus. As well as incorporating their Jamaican and Nigerian heritage in their music, their hometown of Nottingham which plays a big part in who they are as artists. Now, the Young T and Bugsey act as role models to boys aspiring to make music outside the capital. They show that anything is possible, as long as you put remain determined and focussed.

"How you dress and express yourself, is
going to relate to your music. Music and
style go hand in hand" 

-Young T and Bugsey

As we caught up with the boys on the Jordan release they mention how their style has played a big part in their journey.  The Jordan is intrinsic for their artistry, it’s their style, and therefore, who they are. Wearing the exclusive Jordan’s at the event, they performed their cultural anthems to the crowd. Their sound amplified across the Stratford shopping centre, attracting late night shoppers to the store to catch a glimpse.

At the event we spoke to a few guests of their opinion of the AJ1 Exclusive. It seemed the overarching view was that the Air Jordan was a classic. One man who was dressed in a cheetah jacket and a pair of Jordan 1’s said “It’s stylish, easy to pair, you can’t go wrong” while another stressed how Jordan’s stand as a “heritage piece”. And it’s true, the people who have worn the Jordan’s over the years, are the ones who have brought their stories to the build heritage of the Air Jordan I.

Create your story in the Air Jordan I Newspaper Air Times, and catch the relaunch of the shoe on Saturday 7th December at 9am online and in-store.