We're not sure if you've noticed yet but our duffle bags are made from recycled materials and are pretty durable, as well as looking fresh if we do say so ourselves. Apart from getting your new purchases home safe, there are hundreds of ways you can reuse your Footasylum duffle bag to stop it going to landfill or ending up in our oceans.

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered. Discover our five favourite ways to reuse a Footasylum duffle bag below or get creative and see how you can keep your duffle bag alive.

Taking Your PE Kit to School

Got P.E and Food Tech on the same day? Don't panic, our duffle bags are perfect for carrying your sportswear over your shoulder while you keep hold of your freshly baked goods.

Whether you've got a pair of boots or a fresh pair of sneaks to carry around all day our drawstring bags will keep all your P.E kit together without tearing.

Trainer Protectors

Love a festival? Hate getting your trainers dirty? Our duffle bags are the perfect trainer protectors, just put them over your favourite pair of Nikes, adidas Originals or PUMAs, pull the drawstring and your trainers are protected.

Carrying Your Console To Your Mates For The Weekend

If you've got a big night with the lads planned and you need a little help getting your console round to theirs a duffle bag is the only solution. The perfect size for your favourite console and games, get to your mate's with the electricals intact with our Footasylum duffle bag.

The Gym

Don't worry about splashing out on a fancy gym bag, a Footasylum duffle bag is all you need. Big enough for a towel and your gym kit, our bags are the perfect gym buddy. Although they might not encourage you to do more reps when you feel like giving up, they'll help you carry your gym wear home.

Wrapping Presents

Our duffle bags aren't seasonal so if you've bought a sneakerhead a present from Footasylum and you're not sure how to wrap it up, just use the sick bag it came in. Whether you have the Footasylum logo displayed or turn the bag inside out for a simple white aesthetic you'll be giving more than just the gift of trainers- they'll get a reusable bag too!